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Who We Are

The Wealth Factory INC is a conglomeration of brands founded by Angel Rich. The three brands, WealthyLife, CreditRich, and CreditStacker, were created with a mission to make financial literacy more inclusive and accessible. 

WealthyLife provides financial literacy education technology through games, curriculum, courses, and other FinTech products that walk users from birth to retirement in 12 interactive modules to exceed the personal finance common core standards.

CreditRich is an app founded in partnership with Experian that rounds up account holders spare change to pay your bills intelligently and improve your credit score by using our machine learning, proprietary algorithm to optimize your debt payments, customize financial education, and get you more loans approved. CreditRich made history by becoming the first black-owned business to partner with a major credit bureau.

CreditStacker is an app that allows users to swap credit pieces to pay debt, achieve a high credit score, and learn from the multiple choice questions. Our app was named the best financial literacy company in the country by the White House, Department of Education, and JP Morgan Chase our app climbed to #1 education app in 14 countries on Apple, top 5 in 40 countries, and has been inducted into the top 50 apps department at Google.

Angel Rich

Angel Rich is a FinTech genius, entrepreneur, author, and founder and CEO of The Wealth Factory. She is passionate about financial literacy and has been working in FinTech for years, being named by Forbes as “The Next Steve Jobs” in 2017. With her first app, CreditStacker, Rich was named the best financial literacy company in the country by the White HouseDepartment of Education, and JP Morgan Chase. Angel developed her WealthyLife curriculum, publishing a textbook and is currently working on creating online financial literacy courses. She also authored History of the Black Dollar, and is working to get black history mandated in schools. Rich also fights for diversity in tech through her brand BlackTechMatters. In 2020, BlackTechMatters partnered with MIT on a virtual hackathon called Hacking Racism in Healthcare to address the systemic racism present in the medical field. Her newest app, CreditRich, was created in partnership with Experian, making history as the first Black American to secure a partnership with a major credit bureau.

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